Women's Health Matters by Karen Jensen

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Women's Health Matters by Karen Jensen

According to the Institute of Medicine, every cell in the body has a sex, which means that women and men are different even down to the cellular level. This also means that diseases, treatments, and chemicals will affect the sexes differently.

Women’s Health Matters delves into specific women’s health conditions and addresses how gender differences relate to common diseases like liver disease, dementia, and breast disease.

Dr. Jensen gives you tools to take charge of your health by providing information on preventing adrenal fatigue, improving skin care, tackling stress, and learn about healthy food and nutrition to boost your energy, and more.

Most of the protocols for treating women are based on clinical studies done on men. As a woman, do you want to be medically treated like a man? In this book, Dr. Karen Jensen other practising physicians share their medical experience treating women’s health matters.

DR. KAREN JENSEN along with other practising physicians, with many decades of cumulative clinical experience, share in this book what they have found to be the most effective health solutions for women.

Biological and other gender differences make women more susceptible than men to common diseases. For example, women’s heart attacks often present with different symptoms and 72% of all Alzheimer’s cases are women.

However, despite the wealth of data on these differences, these factors are not sufficiently taken into account in clinical research, diagnosis, and treatment. This can lead to serious implications for women’s health.


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