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Wart Freeze Fast Wart Remover Hand & Feet 38mL

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Wart Freeze Fast Wart Remover Hand & Feet 38mL

Stubborn warts got you down? Don't let them become a permanent fixture on your hands or feet! Wart Freeze Fast Wart Remover offers a safe, effective, and convenient at-home solution to banish those unwanted bumps quickly.

Wart Freeze Fast Wart Remover Hand & Feet Features:

  • Fast-Acting Cryotherapy: Wart Freeze Fast Wart Remover utilizes cryotherapy, a doctor-favored technique, to freeze warts to the core. This freezing disrupts the wart tissue, prompting your body to naturally remove it. (Remember, results may vary based on the severity and number of warts.)†
  • Simple & Painless Application (disclaimer for potential discomfort): The unique applicator design allows for a targeted and mess-free application. Simply press the applicator onto the wart, and the freezing process begins! While most users experience minimal discomfort, individual sensitivities may vary.†
  • Suitable for the Whole Family (4+ years): This product is safe and effective for adults and children as young as 4 years old, making it a great choice for families battling pesky warts. (Always consult a healthcare professional before using on children under 4.)
  • Multiple Applications: With 15 applications per can, Wart Freeze Fast Wart Remover provides enough treatments to tackle multiple warts or handle a single wart with repeated applications.


1. Position the wart upwards. Place the round opening of the applicator cap directly over the wart so it encircles the wart. Ensure the edges of the applicator are in close and snug contact with the surrounding skin.

2a. For Common Warts: Size of the wart - Specific treatment;
Small <3 mm and smaller - Press aerosol dispenser 3 times in a row;
Medium-sized 3 mm to 5 mm - Press aerosol dispenser 4 times in a row;
Large > 6 mm and larger - Press aerosol dispenser 5 times in a row, Hold the product firmly over the wart. Press the bottom of the dispenser firmly with the thumb 3x to 5x depending on the wart size and hold the applicator in place for 10 seconds. See table.

2b. For Water Warts: Hold the applicator in place and press the dispenser firmly with the thumb 3x times and hold for 5 seconds each time before removing it from the skin.

3. A 2 mm white halo could appear. A small scar will appear when the site is dry, which will heal in the coming days and weeks.

USAGE ADVICE: For hands and feet. Wart and Verruca remover.

STORAGE: Store in a cool and dry place. Store below 25°C. Keep away from sunlight.

Warnings: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Suitable for children over 4 years of age. Do not use on individuals with diabetes or blood circulation problems. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before using product. If there is doubt that the skin condition is a wart, consult your doctor. Do not use on the face or sensitive skin areas such as neck, armpits, breasts and buttocks. Do not use on delicate skin, such as on neck, armpits, breasts and buttocks. Do not use on genital warts, birthmarks, (hairy) moles, beauty spots or any other strange-looking skin outgrowths.


38 mL Disperser with permanently fixed applicator. Contains Dimethyl ether (DME)


Q: How long does it take for the wart to fall off?

A: Within 10-14 days of treating the wart, it will usually fall off on its own. However, multiple treatments may be necessary for stubborn warts.

Q: Is this product painful to use?

A: Most users experience minimal discomfort during application. However, individual sensitivities may vary.

Q: Can I use this product on my face?

A: No, it's not recommended to use Wart Freeze Fast Wart Remover on your face. Consult a healthcare professional for wart removal on sensitive areas.

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