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Urban Spa The Travel Kit

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Urban Spa The Travel Kit

Beauty in a bag.

Tired of having to buy millions of travel-sized toiletries? Want to bring your own shampoo, cream, or serum but the bottles don’t make it through airport security? The Travel Kit from Urban Spa lets you bring the cosmetics you want without losing them at security.

Never stop pampering yourself; never neglect the details and never go anywhere without your necessities— the perfumes, lotions, creams, and serums that tell the world you love being you. Simply decant your I-can’t-do-without products into our clear plastic containers, zip the soft pouch shut, and overnight or overseas, you’ll never be without them again. Made from EVA.


  • Chlorine-free pouch
  • Travel friendly
  • Clear plastic containers
  • Soft zip pouch
  • Spray bottles, bottles with dispensing caps, and lotion jars.
  • Complies to current air travel regulations
  • 6” x 7” x 1.75”H

Don’t Let Travel Stop Your Routine

Just because you get to bring your shampoo, conditioner, mists, and lotions doesn’t mean your makeup routine has to suffer.

Not only can you bring your cosmetics in the provided bottles, but this makeup pouch has room for more. Namely, your makeup. Shove in some mascara, eye liner, eyeshadow, whatever it is you need.

Not a makeup person? Add in your razors, soap, toothbrushes, anything you’ll need. The carry-on bag may not fit all your essentials, but it can help keep them together, especially your smaller products and cosmetics.

Complies to Air Travel Regulations

Don’t worry about delays due to airport security and having to buy all new cosmetics at your destination.

This clear travelling makeup bag allows security to easily see inside the pouch to inspect the products. The TSA states that you can bring liquid makeup and other products so long as they are under 100ml and are stored in a clear zip top bag like this travel kit.

There is no guarantee you won’t spend some time at security or that they won’t inspect your luggage, but you most likely won’t lose your products with this cosmetic pouch.

What's Included:

This travel bag makes sure you can bring all your essentials while still complying with international air travel regulations. Cosmetic travel case contains: one 25ml clear spray bottle, two 50ml clear bottles with caps, and three 12ml clear jars for lotions.

The two clear bottles come with caps for you to squeeze out the product. They’re perfect for bringing your favourite shampoo and conditioner with you as you travel. All that’s needed is to remove the caps, pour some of your products into the bottles, and once you replace the caps, you’re all set!

Want to smell your absolute best while on vacation? With the spray bottle you can bring your perfume along. Just add some into the 25ml spray bottle and spritz away. Perfume not your thing? Bring setting spray to hydrate skin and stop makeup from smudging.

The three jars can store lotions and creams to help keep your skin its best while on vacation. This makeup bag doesn’t just focus on cleansing essentials; it ensures you can bring the creams to moisturize your skin and keep it at its best.

You want to be looking and feeling your best during your entire vacation, not worrying about your cosmetics or having to resort to products that may damage or irritate your hair and skin.