Truform Travel Series Travel Compression Socks 15-20 mmHg 1 Pair

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Truform Travel Series Travel Compression Socks 15-20 mmHg 1 Pair

TRUFORM TRAVEL SERIES graduated compression socks are specifically designed for travel. They were developed using a design that helps improve circulation and reduces swelling while in close or cramped quarters for extended periods of time. Tested by pilots and people of all ages traveling worldwide, TRUFORM is sure to be your ideal travel companion!*

Compression Stocking Features

  • Truform 1923, men's and women's travel socks, over-the-calf to below-the-knee length; gender-neutral unisex style; broad comfort top band, reinforced heel pocket, ultra soft silky microfiber yarns; stands up to daily wear; doctor recommended for maximum leg health
  • Moderate strength 15-20 mmHg support; decreases swelling in legs from prolonged sitting or standing; perfect for regular passengers and long distance flights; aids blood flow, relieves jetlag, and DVT economy class syndrome;
  • Minor inflammation, heavy hurting, discomfort in legs and feet, swollen ankles, weary stiff leg muscles; the most efficient measure to combat deep vein thrombosis from prolonged inactivity where legs are immobilized.
  • Spiral rib knit weave with massaging progressive compression; promotes circulation in limited near cramped spaces; tested by pilots and global travelers of all ages to prevent blood clots and pulmonary embolism from reaching the heart.
  • Size and fit are established by particular recommendations for each product style; measure according to size chart image; Applying and removing a garment with a higher level of compression necessitates more physical strength. Compression settings that are higher feel tighter; produced in the United States

Strength in the range of 15-20 mmHg

Travel (prevents blood pooling and clots in frequent fliers), Minor Varicose Veins, Minor Spider Veins, Edema, DVT, Post-Surgery, Swelling in Ankles, Calf Feet, Enlarged Bulging Veins, Tired Aching Legs, Muscle Recovery After Cardio Workout and Exercise Leg Contouring and Beauty Shaping

Stocking Socks Advantages

  • Designer-Knit Fabric - This stylish, designer-patterned fabric is latex-free and ideal for men and women alike.
  • Soft Top - The soft, non-compressive, stay-up top was built with comfort in mind.
  • Knit-In Heel - A defined, reinforced heel pocket adds durability and anatomical fit to the shoe.
  • Comfort Toe - Roomy toe box prevents toes from being compressed, reducing pressure and chaffing on sensitive feet.
  • Graduated Compression - Graduated compression technology promotes good circulation by increasing at the ankle and progressively decreasing up the leg.

Information about Safety

Always consult a trained fitter or physician before using to ensure proper application. 2. Select the appropriate compression level (mild 8-15, moderate 15-20, firm 20-30, extra-firm 30-40). 3. Follow the instructions for sizing and measurement.


For minor symptoms and disorders, Moderate Strength (15-20 mmHg Compression) is recommended. Legs that are tired and painful. Spider veins and minor varicose veins. Swelling in the legs, ankles, and feet. Following surgery. Travel and therapeutic purposes in general.

Nylon / Spandex (90%) / Nylon / Spandex (10)

Benefits of Compression Socks

  • Designer-Knit Fabric - The sophisticated, designer patterned fabric is completely latex-free, and suitable for wear by both men and women. These socks offer a concealing, classic fit all while providing the benefits of medical grade compression.*
  • Knit-In Heel - Knit-in, defined, reinforced heel pocket provides added durability and easy stocking orientation on the foot and leg for a proper, comfortable fit.*
  • Comfort Toe Box - The roomy toe box features a “seamless”, linked toe closure with no compression or rough seam to contact the wearers’ toes, ensuring a comfortable and natural fit. The reinforced fabric protects against one of the most common areas prone to wear and tear.*
  • Stay-Up Soft Top - The soft non-compressive, stay-up top was carefully designed for wearing comfort. The flexible but snug fit ensures the stocking remains in place throughout the day without constricting the leg.*


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How To Wear

  1. Pull stocking inside out to heel. With thumbs in and fingers out, grasp each side of heel, gently slide over foot until heel pocket is centered over heel.
  2. Begin turning right-side-out. Continue gradually pulling up the leg. For pantyhose: pull past thighs and over hips; adjust for comfort.
  3. Remove folds or wrinkles, gently pulling upwards smoothing over leg. Fabric should be smooth and uniform. Do not fold top or waistband over.
  4. Remove by turning “inside out”, gently pulling down to ankle. Insert finger, gently pull over ankle, heel and off the foot.

*Measurements should always be taken as soon as possible after waking when swelling is at its minimum.

*Measure against bare skin.

*The measuring system is based on having the foot flat against the floor and leg at a right angle to the foot.

*Measurements must be taken by pulling the measuring tape snugly around the leg but without constricting the skin.

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