Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm Warm Patch 4 Count

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Tiger Balm Warm Patch

Tiger Balm pain relieving patch.* It is a blend of herbal ingredients with the cleanliness of a patch.* Patches provide strong and convenient pain relief for hours with minimal odour.* Not messy or greasy, and will not stain clothing.* The ventilated hydrogel patch contours to body to deliver optimal comfort and relief, and the pull-and-peel protective film makes it easy to apply and painless to remove.*

External pain relieving medicated patch for the temporary relief of:

  • Arthritis*
  • Back Pain*
  • Muscle Aches*
  • Strains*

The Tiger Balm Warm Patch is a unique, self-heating product that provides temporary relief from arthritis, back pain, muscle aches, and strains. It's easy to use; just remove the adhesive patch from the backing and apply it to the desired area. The patch will heat up within minutes and provide comforting warmth that helps to relax muscles and ease pain.*

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