Sulcabrush Replacement Tips 2-Pack

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Sulcabrush Replacement Tips

Sulcabrush is a plaque remover and gumline massager. The Sulcabrush is a unituft brush specifically designed to be used by individuals as part of their overall oral hygiene program Sulcabrush was proven better than dental floss in some parts and equal to dental floss in other parts of the teeth and gums for the removal of plaque and the reduction of gingivitis (gum infection).


  • Helps fight gum disease.
  • Sulcabrush replacement tips (no handle included)
  • Easier than flossing
  • Firm bristles for active gum stimulation
  • Designed for plaque removal, helping to reduce gum infection and bleeding.
  • Perfect for crowns, bridges, tooth implants and orthodontic bands
  • Easy and convenient to use outside the bathroom.
  • Daily use

Directions For Use:

Step 1: Place the end marked “outside” on the edge of the gumline. Continuously follow the wavy gumline, adding a circular motion between the teeth.

Step 2: Continue to apply firm pressure while following the wavy gumline on the inside of the mouth, using the end marked “inside”.

Step 3: Use the “inside” angle to reach the gums behind the back teeth.

Remove and replace tips when bristles become flared – replacement tips are sold separately.


Q: How frequently should I replace my Sulcabrush tips?

A: Ideally, it's recommended to replace your Sulcabrush tips every 2-3 months, ensuring optimal performance and maintaining high standards of oral hygiene.

Q: Are these replacement tips compatible with all models of Sulcabrush?

A: Yes, these replacement tips are specifically designed to be compatible with most Sulcabrush models, ensuring a universal fit for a seamless replacement experience.

Q: Do these replacement tips assist in reaching difficult areas within the mouth?

A: Absolutely! These replacement tips are engineered to reach interdental spaces and other challenging areas, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning experience.

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