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Substance New Mom Comfort Tea 85g

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Substance New Mom Comfort Tea

New moms need support, so we’ve created our New Mama Comfort Tea with just that purpose in mind. Fennel and anise seed support breastfeeding moms while red raspberry and nettle offer an extra boost of nutrients needed for post-delivery recovery. A hint of chamomile aids in comforting mom during this all-consuming transition, a precious time in her and her baby’s life.


  • Helps to increase milk flow for breastfeeding mom
  • Highly nutritive tea to aid in mom’s recovery after birth
  • Digestive aid for sensitive tummies
  • Safe for breastfeeding mom, healthy for both mom & baby
  • Calming to anxious nerves
  • Great tasting


foeniculum vulgare* (fennel) seed, pimpinella anisum* (anise) seed, matricaria chamomilla* (chamomile) flower, rubus idaeus* (raspberry) leaf, urtica dioica* (nettle) leaf

Anise Seed: digestive aid, carminative (gas expelling), helps relieve colic

Chamomile Flower: soothing to stomach aches & colic, digestive aid, calming for stress and anxious nerves; anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and healing to skin ailments

Fennel: digestive aid, helps relieve colic, carminative (gas expelling), increases milk flow for breastfeeding moms

Nettle Leaf: high in nutrients of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin C and many other vitamins and minerals; strengthening & toning to the reproductive system

Raspberry Leaf: nutritive, high in iron, calcium, minerals & niacin; toning & strengthening to reproductive system; good for anemia and low energy levels


Q1: Is this tea safe for breastfeeding mom?

A: Yes many of the benefits of these herbs are not only for mom, but will be passed along to baby to help aid in digestion and upset tummies.

A: While the tea was made initially for this demographic, it's advisable for pregnant women to consult with their healthcare provider before introducing any new herbal supplements.

Q3: How long before I can expect to feel the soothing benefits of the tea?

A: Individual responses may vary, but following instructions should result in experiencing relief within a few hours or days with correct usage.

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