Stojo Collapsible Biggie Cup 16oz

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Stojo Collapsible Biggie Cup 16oz

The Stojo Collapsible Biggie 16 oz Cup is an innovative silicone travel mug made from durable, lightweight, recyclable food-grade silicone.

This eco-friendly travel mug features an Instagram friendly design available in fifteen different colors to match your unique style. Stojo Collapsible Cup is a 16 oz mug, making it the perfect size for grande size beverages from your favorite café or coffee shop.

Enjoy hot drinks with Stojo Travel Mug

The leak proof lid and stopper let you easily sip in the car, in transit, or while walking without spilling. For those who prefer straws, the silicone straw included with every Stojo cup lets you drink smoothies and ice coffees on the go without wasting disposable plastic straws. Stojo Collapsible Cup also comes with a heat sleeve, so you can enjoy hot drinks without paying a scalding price that comes with plastic cups and other reusable cups.

The food-grade silicone cup is odorless and resilient against wear, tear, and stains, making it a long-lasting travel mug that won’t need replacing for a long time to come. Stojo is dishwasher and microwave safe too, which further improves its life span and it makes it convenient for daily use.

Each Stojo Collapsible Cup Features

  • Durable 16oz silicone cup
  • Silicone straw
  • Heat sleeve
  • Easy sip lid

Travel with Stojo

Stojo Silicone Cups are made to be portable, so you can take it wherever life takes you. Its collapsible design lets you enjoy your coffee or tea on the way to work or school in the morning without tying you to a bulky, inconvenient mug for the rest of the day; Stojo collapses down when you're finished so that it fits snugly in any bag or purse and can be stored efficiently at home. Stojo is great to pack for road trips and vacations too!

The durability of silicone will leave you impressed. These cups are long-lasting and extremely resilient, making them the best reusable travel mug. By simply reusing your cup for your on-the-go-coffee purposes, you can cut down on waste from paper and plastic coffee cups significantly. In fact, using your Stojo cup for a year instead of relying on disposable cups saves 16 lbs of solid waste, 23 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions and 281 gallons of water.

It’s Time to Dispose of Your Reliance on Disposable Cups!

Stojo Cups are made from fully recyclable materials obtained from natural resources, and is free from lead, BPAs, glue, and phthalates, protecting you and the environment from harmful or unsavory chemicals. Ditch the plastic cup by switching to a reliable reusable coffee cup with Stojo.

Stojo Coffee Travel Mug Features

  • BPA Free.
  • Lead Free
  • Contains no phthalates or glues
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Travel Mug Dimensions

  • 16 fl oz capacity (473 ml)
  • 4" (10cm) lid diameter
  • 2.4" (6.1 cm) base diameter
  • 5.5" (14 cm) height
  • 2" (5 cm) collapsed height
  • 6.2" (16 cm) straw length
  • 7 oz (198 g) total weight