Stander Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

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Stander Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

The Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar from Stander can supply safe, secure, and trustworthy support for sitting, standing, or transporting a family member to a walker, wheelchair, or other mobility device. The slim design creates an easy fit in small spaces; perfect for bathroom safety, as a grab bar at your bedside, or close to your preferred sofa or chair as an extra handle to prevent falls.

How To Install Stander Security Pole?

The tension mounted Security Pole comes in 2 53-inch pieces and includes its own wrench for assembly and installation, making it easy to move and reinstall in a different room without permanently altering your home. While it is not necessary to attach the Security Pole to the floor or ceiling, screws are included for permanent installation. To minimize damage to floor and ceilings, rubber pads are included at the top and bottom of the tension pole.

Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar Features

  • PUT A STOP TO FALLS: Stability and security are supplied with the Security Pole when standing or sitting, stepping over a bathtub or shower ledges, or getting into bed. The curved bar can withhold up to 300 pounds as it rotates and locks into position at 45 degrees.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE HEIGHT AND TENSION MOUNTED: To fit flat ceilings measuring from 7 to 10 feet tall adjust the floor to ceiling transfer pole. Use the included rubber pads to protect your ceiling and door from harm.
  • ADAPTABLE: The unique grab bar has a ladder-like functionality with 4 unique hand grips that enable the user to stand with a natural hand-over-hand motion, making it useful as a bathroom grab bar, wheelchair transfer pole, or bedside support handle.
  • DURABLE AND MODERN DESIGN: Replace bulky toilet rails and handrails that stick out with a slim, multipurpose pole; the mobility pole can be installed in any room without permanently altering your home, no wall mounts or screws required.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Assemble and securely install the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar with ease within minutes; each pole consists of all the required equipment for assembly, no additional tools needed.

The Story Behind Stander:

Shortly after taking the role as primary caregiver to her Grandma Essie, Standers’ founder – Jan Miller – quickly realized the need for products to keep her grandmother living independently at home. With the help of her rocket scientist husband, Jan and Troy invented innovative, reliable, and stylish products to keep Grandma Essie at home.

For the first time in years, Essie felt confident in her mobility. Thanks to Jan and Troy, Essie had the confidence and support she needed to live independently and lived at home seven years longer than expected. To this day, Stander remains committed to providing the same