SierraSil Leaps & Bounds Beef Flavoured Dog Chews 100 bites

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SierraSil Leaps & Bounds Beef Flavoured Dog Chews 100 bites

Does your furry friend struggle with joint stiffness? Want to see them frolicking with unbridled enthusiasm again? Look no further than SierraSil® Leaps & Bounds™ Soft Chews! These delicious chicken-flavoured chews are packed with the power of SierraSil®, a research-backed ingredient clinically proven in humans to ease joint discomfort and support mobility.

SierraSil Leaps & Bounds Beef Flavoured Dog Chews Features:

  • Clinically proven SierraSil® for joint health
  • Delicious chicken flavour
  • Supports mobility and reduces stiffness
  • Safe for all dog sizes
  • 100 chews per pack
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Serving Guidelines:

SierraSil® Leaps & Bounds™ Soft Dog Chews can be given to any pet displaying signs of aging or as a daily treat for your healthy dog! Please refer to the dosage guidelines below for your animal companion's correct number of chews based on size. Pet Chews are equally safe for small and large animals.*

Directions for Use: Up to 20 Lbs – at least 1 chew daily 21 – 50 Lbs – at least 2 chews daily Over 50 Lbs – at least 3 chews daily. Chews may be given at one time. It is recommended that the pet has plenty of water available.


Q: What size dog are these chews for?

A: SierraSil® Leaps & Bounds™ are safe for dogs of all sizes! The serving size varies depending on your dog's weight. For specific recommendations, refer to the dosage chart on the product label.

Q: Can I give these chews to my senior dog?

A: Absolutely! These chews are a great way to support joint health in aging dogs and may help them maintain an active lifestyle.

Q: Are these chews safe for my dog with allergies?

A: While these chews are formulated with high-quality ingredients, it's always a good idea to consult your veterinarian before introducing new supplements to your dog's diet, especially if they have known allergies.

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