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Salus Haus Red Beet Crystals 200g

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Salus Haus Red Beet Crystals 200g

Feeling the need for a powerful and natural health boost? Look no further than Salus Haus Red Beet Crystals (200g)! These convenient crystals offer a concentrated source of beetroot goodness, packed with essential nutrients and a delightful taste.

Salus Haus Red Beet Crystals Features:      

  • Carefully obtained from the juice of
  • Freshly harvested beet tubers
  • Blend well into fruit juices, milk and milk products, soups, muesli, cereals, and other dishes
  • Delicious taste


Adults & Children 4+: Dissolve 5g (1 tablespoon) of red beet juice crystals in a glass of water or other beverage.


Each 5g contains

Red Beets (Beta vulgaris)* 5g

Equivalent to 67g of fresh tuber

Ingredients: Organic pure red beet crystals, citric acid.

*Certified Organic


Q: What are the benefits of using Red Beet Crystals compared to whole beets?

A: Red Beet Crystals offer a concentrated source of beetroot goodness, making it easier to incorporate a higher beet intake into your diet. They're also prepped and ready to use, saving time and effort.

Q: How much Red Beet Crystals should I consume daily?

A: The recommended daily intake can vary depending on individual needs. It's generally recommended to start with a smaller amount (around 1-2 teaspoons) and gradually increase as tolerated.

Q: Can Red Beet Crystals stain my teeth?

A: While beets are known for their vibrant colour, Salus Haus Red Beet Crystals are less likely to stain teeth compared to consuming whole beets. However, if you're concerned about staining, consider rinsing your mouth thoroughly after consuming them.

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