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Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce 236 mL

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Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce 236 mL

Looking for a delicious and healthy barbecue sauce that doesn't compromise on flavour? Look no further than Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce! This 236 mL bottle is bursting with smoky, bold flavour – perfect for grilling, dipping, or adding a tangy touch to your favourite dishes. Made with organic ingredients and free from added sugars, this unsweetened BBQ sauce is a guilt-free way to elevate your meals. Craving smoky, delicious BBQ flavour without the added sugars and artificial ingredients? Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce has you covered! This versatile sauce is crafted with USDA organic ingredients like organic tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, delivering a robust and smoky flavour profile that will tantalize your taste buds.

Classic BBQ Sauce Features:

  • Unsweetened & Paleo-Friendly: Perfect for those following specific diets, this BBQ sauce is free from added sugars, gluten, grains, and soy.
  • Keto Certified & Whole30 Approved: Enjoy this sauce with confidence knowing it adheres to popular dietary program guidelines.
  • Organic Ingredients: You can feel good about what you're putting on your plate with Primal Kitchen's commitment to organic, high-quality ingredients.
  • Bold & Smoky Flavor: This sauce boasts a rich, smoky flavour profile that complements a variety of dishes.


Shake me and refrigerate after opening. 


Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 


Water, organic tomato paste, organic date paste, organic apple cider vinegar, organic balsamic vinegar (organic wine vinegar, organic concentrated grape must), organic white balsamic vinegar (organic white wine vinegar, organic grape must), organic dijon mustard (organic apple cider vinegar, water, organic mustard seed, salt, organic spices), organic tapioca starch, organic fig solids, sea salt, organic onion powder, organic garlic powder, natural smoke flavour, organic black pepper, organic coriander, organic chipotle chilli powder, organic cinnamon.


Q: How sweet is Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce?

A: Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce is unsweetened, offering a smoky and savoury flavour profile without added sugars.

Q: Can Primal Kitchen BBQ Sauce be used as a marinade?

A: Absolutely! Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce is perfect for marinating meats, vegetables, or tofu for added flavour.

Q: Does Primal Kitchen offer other BBQ sauce flavours?

A: Yes, Primal Kitchen offers a variety of BBQ sauce flavours, including Hawaiian and Garlic Parmesan.

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