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Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 3 Blades

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Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 3 Blades 

Tired of juggling multiple tools and replacement blades for your ever-evolving facial hair? The Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 3 Pack offers the ultimate solution. This convenient bundle provides three innovative blades, empowering you to effortlessly trim, shave, and create clean lines and edges – all with exceptional comfort and control. The secret weapon? The Philips OneBlade technology boasts a revolutionary 360° Blade that effortlessly follows your facial contours, while the dual-sided blade lets you achieve the perfect lines in seconds.

Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 3 Blades Features:

  • Unique OneBlade Technology: This innovative technology goes beyond standard trimmers. The OneBlade system utilizes a fast-moving cutter to tackle any hair length, short or long effortlessly. But unlike disposable razors, it boasts a dual protection system with a glide coating and rounded tips. This ensures a smooth glide, protecting your skin from irritation and nicks. Enjoy a clean, comfortable shave that lasts.
  • 360° Blade for Unmatched Maneuverability: Say goodbye to uneven trimming and missed spots. The revolutionary 360 Blade on the Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade pivots in all directions, effortlessly following the unique contours of your face. This unique design allows for constant skin contact and superior control, even on tricky areas like your neck or chin. Experience a clean, comfortable shave with fewer strokes and less irritation.
  • Long-Lasting Performance, Replacement Made Easy: Investing in the Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 3 Pack means long-lasting performance and fewer trips to the store for replacements. Each blade is designed to last up to 4 months of optimal performance, and a convenient replacement indicator lets you know exactly when it's time to swap for a fresh experience.
  • Dual-Sided Blade for Effortless Artistic Expression: The Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade isn't just about achieving a clean shave. The versatile dual-sided blade empowers you to take your grooming to the next level. This innovative blade cuts upwards and downwards, allowing you to see every hair you're trimming for ultimate precision. Effortlessly create crisp edges and sharp lines, defining your facial features confidently and easily.
  • Wet or Dry, Your Choice: Shaving preferences are personal. The Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade caters to your needs with its fully waterproof design. Shave wet with shaving cream for extra comfort, or tackle a quick touch-up dry – even in the shower. No messy shaving cream is required, making this a convenient option for busy mornings.
  • 3 Blades Included for Extended Use: This 3-pack provides a stockpile of blades, ensuring you're prepared for any grooming need. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with different styles and experience the comfort of a clean shave for months to come without worrying about running out of blades.


Q: How many blades are included in this package?

A: The Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 3 Pack includes three replacement blades for your Philips OneBlade handle.

Q: How long do these blades typically last?

A: The Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade is designed for optimal performance and can last up to four months. When it's time for a swap, a replacement indicator will appear on the blade.

Q: Do I need to use shaving cream with the OneBlade 360 Flex Blade?

No, shaving cream is not necessary. The OneBlade 360 Flex Blade can be used wet or dry for your convenience.

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