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Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 1 Blade

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Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 1 Blade

Tired of juggling multiple tools for your facial grooming routine? The Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade is your secret weapon, offering effortless trimming, shaving, and edge creation – all in one. This innovative blade boasts unique OneBlade technology, allowing you to tackle any hair length with ease,

Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade 1 Blade Features:

  • Unique OneBlade Technology: Powerful yet gentle, this technology trims or shaves any hair length with a fast-moving cutter. A dual protection system with glide coating and rounded tips ensures a smooth, irritation-free shave.
  • 360° Blade: Flexes to follow facial contours in all directions for a close, comfortable shave, even in tricky areas.
  • Effortless Styling: The dual-sided blade allows for the easy creation of crisp edges and sharp lines. It cuts both upwards and downwards for ultimate precision.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Durable stainless steel blade designed to last up to 4 months. The replacement indicator lets you know when it's time for a new blade.
  • Wet or Dry Shave: Shave with or without shaving cream, even in the shower.
  • Easy Maintenance: Fully waterproof design allows quick rinsing under the tap for effortless cleaning.
  • Compatible: It fits most Philips OneBlade handles (excluding the specific models listed).


Designed to cut hair, not skin

Trimming and shaving performance

Shaving system

  • Contour-following technology
  • 360 Blade
  • Dual protection system

Trimming system

  • Contour-following technology
  • 360 Blade


Q: Can I use this replacement blade with my existing Philips OneBlade handle?

A: The Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade is compatible with most Philips OneBlade handles, except for specific models listed in the product description.

Q: How long does the blade typically last?

A: The Philips OneBlade 360 Flex Blade is designed for optimal performance and can last up to four months. When it's time for a swap, a replacement indicator will appear on the blade.

Q: Do I need to use shaving cream with the OneBlade 360 Flex Blade?

A: No, shaving cream is not necessary. The OneBlade 360 Flex Blade can be used wet or dry for your convenience.

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