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Perfect Sports ALTRD STATE - Pre-Workout - Cherry Bomb 390g

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Perfect Sports ALTRD STATE - Pre-Workout - Cherry Bomb 390g

Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? Perfect Sports ALTRD STATE Pre-Workout in Cherry Bomb flavour is here to help you unleash your full potential. Packed with powerful ingredients, this pre-workout formula is designed to enhance energy, focus, and performance so you can crush your fitness goals with ease.

ALTRD STATE Pre-Workout Cherry Bomb Features:

  • Delicious Cherry Bomb Flavor
  • Enhanced Energy
  • Improved Focus
  • Increased Strength and Power
  • Enhanced Endurance


In a shaker, mix 1 serving in 200ml of ice-cold water. Adjust the amount of liquid to suit taste. Drink 15-30 minutes before training.


L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, Taurine, Agmatine, L-Tyrosine, Acetylcarnitine, DMAE, Caffeine, Beta-PEA, Synephrine, Higenamine, Niacin, Niacinamide, Gamma-Butyrobetaine, Vitamin B6, Huperzine A, Folate, B12, Silicone Dioxide, Sucralose, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Calcium Silicate.


Q: Is ALTRD STATE Pre-Workout suitable for beginners?

A: ALTRD STATE Pre-Workout is formulated for individuals who have experience with pre-workout supplements. If you are new to pre-workouts, start with a half serving to assess your tolerance.

Q: Does ALTRD STATE Pre-Workout contain artificial colours or sweeteners?

A: No, ALTERED STATE Pre-Workout is free from artificial colours and sweeteners, providing a clean and effective formula to support your workouts.

Q: Can I take ALTRD STATE Pre-Workout on rest days?

A: While ALTRD STATE Pre-Workout is designed to enhance performance during workouts, it can also be consumed on rest days for an extra boost of energy and focus.

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