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Parsons ADL Padded Transfer Belt

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Parsons ADL Padded Transfer Belt

These deluxe padded transfer belts from Parsons provide 1 "A strong nylon outer shell and (2.5cm) of comfy foam lamination layered with soft Bucktex to ensure breathing comfort. The pads are 5.5 inches in diameter "(13 cm) in width for handy and safe hold points, the belt has four padded vertical handle loops and three horizontal webbing loops placed around it. The belts are colour-coded to make it easier to find them in the rehab section. Only the plastic side-release (SR) buckle is offered.

Use the transfer belt to keep you and your patient safe

Provide your patient a sense of comfort, give you control if the patient starts to slip or fall, and keep you and your patient from getting hurt.
A transfer belt should not be substituted for a standard leather or material belt.

Use a transfer belt for elderly only if

Your patient has recently undergone abdominal surgery, has a colostomy or gastrostomy with a feeding tube directly into the stomach, serious heart or respiratory problems, or cracked ribs.
Always sit your patient up for a few minutes before getting him out of bed if he has been lying flat. Remove the bed covers from the room. Bring the patient close to the bed's side and assist him in pivoting so that he is sitting with his legs dangling over the side. Allow a minute for the patient to sit. Help the patient back to his bed if he feels weak or faint.

Assist the patient with putting on a robe, stockings, and sturdy slippers with low heels and non-slip soles.
Place the buckle of the transfer belt in front of the patient's waist. The belt must always be worn over garments and must never come into contact with the patient's skin.

Size Chart:

SKU Size/ Colour Waist Size
17S140S Small/Blue 24 to 30 in (60 -76 cm)
17S140M Medium/Green 28 to 48 in (71-122cm)
17S140L Large/Black 40 to 64 in (102 - 162 cm)


To clean padded belt, hand wash with mild detergent. Air dry