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Ortho Active Hip Protector

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Ortho Active Hip Protector

Note : Product may vary. You may receive a protector that is either white with drawstrings or grey with an elastic waistband.

Diminishing muscle strength, balance and proprioception issues increment the danger of falls as one ages. Using protective shorts permits older individuals to decrease the danger of hip break during ambulation so they can remain dynamic, stay active and further lessen the danger of falls.

Hip Protector Pads Benefits:

  • These are breathable cotton/poly shorts with a couple of shock retaining, high thickness, contour design EVA cushions.
  • The pads are uniquely intended for shock retention and impact resistance at both trochanter areas for counteraction of hip cracks because of falls.
  • The drawstring is included for individuals with an especially tiny midriff, yet for most people, it is anything but essential and can be taken out.
  • The pads are removable so that the shorts can be washed.

Who Can Benefit From a Hip Protector?

Older adults

  • Who is at danger of dropping or have a history of falling
  • Who are underweight, frail or weak.
  • With balance/vision problems
  • With osteoporosis

Anyone suffering from a serious injury or illness, including those suffering from

  • Parkinson’s disease/stroke/dementia/MS/diabetes/bladder problems

Do Hip Protectors Really Work?

Hip protectors help to protect the bone by absorbing the impact of a fall. When wearing a hip protector, the padding should always cover your hip bone. Measure the widest part of your hips to determine the correct size for you. Consult your nurse, doctor, occupational or physical therapist before selecting a hip protector.

As indicated by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health:

  • Hip protectors should be considered as part of an effective institutional, regional, or provincial/territorial injury prevention strategy for seniors in long-term care facilities.
  • Some long-term care residents benefit more than others from hip protectors. To determine which seniors would benefit the most, specific criteria should be used (e.g., residents with previous falls or fractures, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment; women over 70; and where hip protectors will not significantly interfere with daily activities).
  • Long-term care staff and clinicians must work together with long-term care residents and their families to determine which type of hip protector is best suited to the resident's needs. The resident's preference must be taken into account.
  • An adequate number of hip protectors must be provided to allow for consistent use by residents in long-term care facilities.

Do hip protectors prevent hip fractures?

According to a Cochrane study, providing a hip protector to older people living in nursing care facilities:

  • Slightly reduces the likelihood of a hip fracture.
  • It is likely to have little or no effect on other fractures or falls.

They concluded that making hip protectors available to older people in nursing homes or residential care settings reduces the risk of hip fractures without increasing the frequency of falls. When the hip protectors were worn, very few people experienced side effects such as skin irritation.

Size Chart:

Size Waist Circumference
S 25″ – 30″
M 30″ – 35″
L 35″ – 40″
XL 40″ – 45″
XXL 45″ – 50″