ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion

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ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion

If you are looking for a comfortable seat cushion to sit on, then ObusFormeContoured Seat Cushion is the perfect option for you! This contoured seat cushion is ideal for those who want to have an extra padded seat. The contoured seat offers cushioning for the tailbone, pelvis, and thighs for maximum relaxation.

ObusForme cushion is also an ideal seat cushion for your car to make your ride more enjoyable. This seat cushion features flexible support panels that are contoured to distribute the body’s weight evenly and relieve any possible pressure points. With its unique design, the ObusForme contoured cushion is sure to make a difference in your sitting overall convenient level.

Contoured Chair Cushion Features:

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Durable build and long-lasting design
  • It can be used with any sort of ObusForme Backrest Support
  • Endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association
  • Removable front section
  • The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to use anywhere


ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion was designed with comfort in mind; it is made with high-quality materials, ensuring it can last for years. This cushion is designed to contour to the body and provide support while sitting. Its contoured sides and backs keep the pelvis and hips in a better position than a regular seat cushion, which helps alleviate discomfort while sitting and help improve balance.

This cushion is also versatile; it features a removable zipper portion in its front, enabling users to get an optimal fit even for narrow chairs or seats. Additionally, this seat cushion’s ergonomic design also comes with long-lasting Velcro tabs to help securely connect it to any other ObusForme backrest support.

Chair Cushion Benefits:

ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion can benefit individuals who spend most of their time sitting while performing daily activities. Below are some of the benefits of using this outstanding seat cushion:

  • It can improve your posture.
  • It can promote healthy spinal alignment.
  • It can be used on any type of chair.
  • It can help to distribute your body weight equally
  • It can help encourage the correct alignment of the thighs and the pelvis