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New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care

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New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care

Strong bones equate to a healthy life! Clinical-strength organic plant calcium helps reduce osteoporosis risk. Stay stronger for longer with daily calcium PLUS Vitamin K2 & fermented D3 for better absorption


  • Supports bone density and normal bone creation*
  • Supports joint function and mobility*
  • Supports cardiovascular health with fermented D3, plus Vitamin K2 directs calcium to bones to help maintain artery health*
  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis (bone loss)


Three tablets daily with food.


What does Bone Strength Take Care plant calcium do for you?

Research shows that many Americans aren’t getting enough calcium from their diet alone. Bone Strength Take Care can help fill that nutritional gap with absorbable plant calcium for holistic bone health.* The plant calcium supplement is formulated to support bone density and normal bone creation.* Bone Strength Take Care also supports flexible joints and helps to maintain artery health.*

What makes Bone Strength Take Care Slim Tablets different?

Did you know many calcium supplements are derived from chalk or limestone—rocks? Simple, rock-based calcium lacks other bone-supportive nutrients like magnesium, and may not be used properly by the body. Bone Strength Take Care is different. For holistic bone health, we use organic Red Marine Algae that’s packed with calcium, magnesium, and 70+ trace minerals. For better absorption, New Chapter adds a proprietary blend of Vitamins K2 and fermented D3 to help your body absorb calcium properly and effectively.*

Why should you take plant-based calcium supplements?

Calcium is critical for multiple functions in the body—everything from strong bones and normal muscle function to blood clotting, cellular health, hormone release, and even keeping a normal heartbeat. If blood calcium levels are low due to dietary intake, then calcium is taken from our bones and used by the body—which can negatively affect bone strength. Replacing this lost calcium on a daily basis is essential to maintaining normal calcium levels in bones. That’s a great reason to seek the best calcium supplement for you! Bone Strength Take Care gives your body the calcium it needs, along with critical nutrients for absorption not found in limestone-only calcium supplements.