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Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads 2 Count

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Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads 2 Count

Does keeping your hardwood floors dust-free feel like an endless battle? Imagine effortlessly gliding across your floors, leaving them polished and dust-free – almost like magic! Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads (2 Count) turn this dream into reality, offering a revolutionary way to maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors.

Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads Features:

  • Effortless Dusting & Polishing: Forget the broom and embrace a simpler approach! Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads feature a unique design that attracts and traps dust particles as you move the mop. This innovative technology eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or constant sweeping, leaving your floors sparkling clean with minimal effort.
  • Designed for Convenience: Originally designed for Nellie's WOW Mop and compatible with the WOW TOO, these pads offer a user-friendly cleaning experience. Attach the pad to the mop base and glide effortlessly across your floors. The reusable design allows you to wash and reuse the pads multiple times, maximizing value and convenience.
  • Gentle on Hardwood Floors: Unlike traditional sweeping methods that can scratch or damage delicate surfaces, Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads are gentle on your hardwood floors. The soft microfiber material effectively captures dust and dirt without leaving any harsh residue, ensuring your floors look their best for years.
  • Complementary Cleaning: Alternate Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads with Nellie's Wow Wet Floor Pads (sold separately) for a complete cleaning routine. Use the dry pads for regular dust removal and occasional buffing, and opt for the wet pads for a deeper clean when needed.
  • More Than Just Clean Floors: Nellie's commitment to sustainability goes beyond innovative cleaning solutions. These pads are a final sale product, reflecting the company's shift towards dual-action Scrub & Polish Pads, which offer combined cleaning and polishing functionality. This approach minimizes waste and encourages a more eco-conscious cleaning routine.

How to use:

Attach to the base of Nellie's WOW Mop or WOW TOO. Use the mop as directed.


Q: Will these pads work on other floor types besides hardwood?

A: While primarily designed for hardwood floors, Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads can also be used on smooth surfaces, such as laminate, tile, and vinyl.

Q: How often should I wash the Dry Floor Pads?

A: You can wash the Dry Floor Pads after each use or as needed. Simply hand wash them in warm water and allow them to air dry completely before reusing them.

Q: Can I use these pads with other mop systems?

A: Nellie's Wow Dry Floor Pads are designed with Nellie's WOW Mop and WOW TOO. While they may fit other mop systems, compatibility is not guaranteed.

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