Nellie's All Natural

Nellie's All Natural Forever Brush

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Whether you’re a steadfast sponge-supporter or a devout bristle-believer, they've got you covered with the new Forever Brush. It’s a sponge, It’s a brush. It’s BOTH, in one. A brunge, A sprush? Nellie’s ‘Dish Brush’: it’s got a bristled - sponged head and a handle that will last forever- just replace the head every 4-6 months. It's the perfect kitchen.

How To Use

Wet the brush and dab a small amount of Dish Butter or dish soap. Lather up the Dish Butter and tackle dishes, pots and pans!


  • Brush Head: Bamboo with Polyurethane varnish
  • Bristles: Coconut mixed Sisal and sponge