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Nack Nax Silicone Garlic Peeler - Blue

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NackNax Garlic Peeler

Cooking is fun and easy if your kitchen tools are very functional, making your cooking procedures fast and hassle-free. NackNax Garlic Peeler will guarantee to assist you in peeling garlic with no mess and in a convenient way. This peeler is a must-have in every kitchen, for garlic is one of the primary ingredients you'll encounter in your everyday cooking.

NackNax Garlic Peeler is an excellent choice for people who love garlic but hate peeling it by hand. This peeler slips easily over the cloves of garlic and removes them with precision, making the chore of peeling a breeze. It is easy to use even for people without experience in the kitchen; it is also safe to clean and won't cut your fingers or skin.

Features of NackNax Silicone Garlic Peeler

· Equipped with Internal Wave Points

  • Made of heavy-duty and durable silicone
  • Tube shape design
  • Features a hole for hanging purposes
  • Comfortable, eco-friendly, easy to use

Design of NackNax Garlic Peeler Tube

NackNax Garlic Peeler is a unique peeler crafted with Internal Wave Points, making it safe to use and wash when cleaning it. The Internal Wave Points are the points on a garlic peel where the skin and the layer of edible cloves meet. The shape and position of these points can affect how quickly and easily the cloves are removed from the skin. Garlic peelers with Internal Wave Points that sit close to the spine of the garlic clove allow for easy peeling, while ones that sit further away from the spine can be more difficult to use.

NackNax Garlic Peeler was designed in a tube shape for a 2 in 1 purpose: easy peeling and securing the garlic peel so that it won't mess up your cooking station. It is made from heavy-duty and durable silicone, ensuring it will last longer. Plus, this peeler is designed with a hole on one side for hanging purposes when not in use.

NackNax Garlic Peeler is both comfortable and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for those who want an efficient and comfortable way to peel garlic. You just need to follow three simple steps; first, place the garlic cloves inside the silicone tube, start rolling back and forth while maintaining pressure, and lastly, tip out the peeled garlic! Easy as one to three!

Benefits of NackNax Garlic Peeler - Silicone

NackNax Garlic Peeler can be beneficial for chefs, and for someone who loves to cook, this tool provides a convenient way of peeling garlic comfortably. Here are some additional benefits of NackNax Garlic Peeler:

  • Peeling of garlic will be quick compared to your old style.
  • It is comfortable to use for you will not worry about getting injured by it.
  • It can be used by people who are just starting to cook.
  • User-friendly - it is simple and easy to use.
  • It is made with durable and long-lasting silicone.
  • A stylish and unique kitchen tool that will match any kitchen setup.

Specifications of Garlic Peeler by NackNax

  • Materials: silicone
  • Colors: black and blue

Buy NackNax Garlic Peeler

Are you looking for a new kitchen tool to help you cook? Well, look no more! NackNax Garlic Peeler will help you peel that bunch of garlic with velocity in your tandem!