Monistat Maximum Strength Instant Itch Relief Spray 57g

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Monistat Maximum Strength Instant Itch Relief Spray 57g

Experience swift, no-contact relief from external vaginal itching with Monistat's continuous mist spray. This convenient, touch-free application provides temporary relief, ensuring your comfort. Monistat offers a variety of products not only to treat vaginal yeast infections but also to boost your confidence, helping you feel your best.

Monistat Itch Relief Features:

  • Swift, hands-free relief from itching.
  • Temporary relief for external vaginal itching.
  • Continuous mist spray for touch-free application.
  • Delivers instant and long-lasting itch relief.
  • Cools, relieves and soothes.
  • Clinically tested, with preservative and paraben-free formula

Uses: Temporary relief from the discomforts of minor itching and burning.


Medicinal Ingredients: Benzocaine 20%

Inactive Ingredients: polyethylene glycol 300. Propellants: Isobutane, propane.


Use only externally. Keep away from children. Avoid eye contact; rinse with water if contact occurs. Stop use and consult a healthcare professional if symptoms worsen, persist beyond seven days, or recur shortly after clearing. In case of overdose or accidental ingestion, contact a Poison Control Center immediately. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients. Avoid using under a bandage, in excessive amounts, or over large body areas. If symptoms like weakness, confusion, headache, difficulty breathing, or unusual skin coloration occur, seek medical attention as these could be signs of methemoglobinemia, a rare condition that can manifest within two hours of use. Not for use on raw or blistered skin. Discontinue if hypersensitivity or allergy arises. The product is pressurized; avoid heating, puncturing, or incinerating the canister, and do not store at temperatures above 50°C. Risk of container explosion if heated.


Q: How frequently can I use the Monistat Maximum Strength Instant Itch Relief Spray?

A: You can apply this spray as needed, adhering to the directions provided on the package. It is designed for repeated use, with a powerful formula to deliver swift relief.

Q: Is it safe to use this spray on delicate body areas?

A: Yes, the spray's formulation is dermatologist-tested and suitable for sensitive skin areas. However, conducting a small patch test before widespread application is advisable for safety.

Q: For how long does the cooling effect persist post-application?

A: The duration of the cooling sensation varies among individuals, but it generally provides prolonged relief and comfort following its use.

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