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MOBB Bed Assist Rail

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MOBB Bed Assist Rail

Most of us with full-body mobility often forget how easy it is to get daily activities done without thinking about them too much. However, for the elderly and those afflicted by disability issues, these can be the cause of chronic pain, discomfort, and loss of independence.

It can be quite debilitating having somebody else taking you to the bathroom or getting you on and off your bed every day. Fortunately, as a response to these challenges, there have been many inventions designed to make your life much easier.

Bed Support Rail

Bedside Railing is a tool that equip people with the ability to be autonomous while improving their quality of life. One of these creations enabling betterment falls in the category of bed assist handles.

More specifically, bed rails are simple supplementary aids that can be attached to a bed, helping people with physical impairments remain safe.

Bed Rail for Adults

The MOBB Bed Assist Rail is a modernized version of the age-old bed rail. The sleek and modern design doesn’t impede the bed’s functionality and still assists people with bed egress. They can also prevent mid-sleep falls caused by decreased spatial recognition.

High-quality material and meticulous design considerations provide sturdy support. Supporting up to 250 pounds, it can be used to stabilize the body while in and out of bed. To assemble it, you simply need to slide it under either side of the mattress.

Bed Rails for Seniors Features

  • Hold the anti-slide grip on the handlebar to ensure a tight hold to support your body.
  • Along with non-slip foam on the base bar, the rail also has a safety strap that can be fastened to the bed frame for further security.
  • You can adjust the height of the rails according to your needs.
  • Tool-free assembly. You just have to slip it under the mattress and secure the straps to use it.


  • Height: 16" - 20" adjustable
  • Width: 20"
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs