MediSure Rapid Test Vitamin D - 1 Test

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MediSure Rapid Test Vitamin D - 1 Test

MediSure's self-administered at-home test gives you a real-time measure of your body’s Vitamin D levels. Some symptoms of deficiency can include fatigue & tiredness, bone & back pain, bone Loss, being Sick or getting infections often.*

It can be hard to get all the Vitamin D you need and even harder to know what your levels are. With this at home vitamin D test, you can easily find out within just 10 minutes. Regularly using a vitamin D level test can help you learn how to get the amount you need and avoid becoming deficient. Get a step ahead with this at home rapid test.*


  • Easy & Accurate : Designed specifically for at-home use with easy to follow instructions
  • Fast Results : Receive your results in 10 minutes or less

When To Test

You should monitor your vitamin D levels to rule out underlying health conditions or explain symptoms such as exhaustion, brain fog or digestive issues. You should take the test if:

  • You are suffering from chronic fatigue
  • You are following a plant-based diet
  • You don’t have the opportunity to spend time in natural sunlight
  • You suffer from asthma
  • You suffer from Crohn’s disease
  • You suffer from Celiac disease
  • You are going through the menopause
  • You are at risk of developing osteoporosis

Vitamin D Level Test Directions:

  • Gently poke a finger with the provided lancet
  • Suck the blood up the little syringe to the designated line
  • Place blood into correct hole of test
  • Add diluent drops into the other hole
  • Wait 5 – 10 minutes then read your results using the reference card

For visual and audio instructions, click HERE.

Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency

This vitamin D deficiency test can help you keep track of and maintain your levels of vitamin D. With just a prick of your finger and some science you can determine your levels and take action from there. After testing regularly, you may find a pattern and learn what you need to do to reach and maintain appropriate levels moving forward.*

Easy Test

You don’t have to go through a lengthy process to just learn your vitamin D levels. This at home vitamin D test only takes up to 10 minutes for you to get your results. Just lightly prick a finger with one of the provided lancets and collect your blood with a syringe. Then you add your blood and diluent to the test and wait a few minutes for your results!

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