Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump

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Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump

Busy moms, say hello to efficiency! The Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump is here to streamline your pumping experience. This double pump boasts impressive features to maximize milk output while saving you precious time. It is a game-changer for multitasking moms who prioritize efficiency and milk supply. Get more done while maintaining a healthy milk supply for your baby!

Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump Features:

  • Double Electric Design: This pump expresses milk from both breasts simultaneously, cutting your pumping time in half compared to a single pump.
  • 2-Phase Expression Technology: Mimics your baby's natural sucking pattern for a comfortable and productive pumping session.
  • Increased Milk Production: Studies show this technology can yield up to 18% more milk compared to traditional pumps.
  • Adjustable Vacuum Levels: Find the perfect suction strength for a comfortable and personalized pumping experience.
  • Quiet Operation: Pump discreetly without disturbing your little one or attracting unwanted attention.
  • Easy to Use & Clean: Intuitive controls and minimal parts make setup, operation, and cleaning a breeze.
  • Closed System Design: Prevents breast milk from entering the tubing, promoting hygiene and peace of mind.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy up to 6 pumping sessions on a single charge, offering pumping freedom on the go (with optional purchase).


  • 1 x Swing Maxi™ motor unit
    2 x 150ml bottle with lid
    2 x Bottle stand
    2 x PersonalFit Flex™ connector
    2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 21 mm
    2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 24 mm
    1 x USB charging cable
    1 x USB power adapter
    1 x Instruction for use


Q: How does the 2-phase technology work?

A: This technology mimics your baby's natural suckling pattern. It starts with a stimulation phase to initiate milk flow, followed by a slower, deeper expression phase to maximize milk removal. This can feel more comfortable and potentially lead to increased milk production compared to a single-phase pump.

Q: Does the Swing Maxi come with a rechargeable battery?

A: The base model typically doesn't include a rechargeable battery. However, some retailers may offer bundles that include a separate battery pack for portable use.

Q: How long does a typical pumping session last with the Swing Maxi?

A: Pumping times can vary depending on individual factors. However, the double electric design allows you to pump from both breasts simultaneously, potentially cutting your pumping time in half compared to a single pump.

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