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Me to We Aimee Song Embrace The Journey - Ombre

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Me to We Aimee Song Embrace The Journey - Ombre

Rafiki Bracelet Features

  • Wraps two times
  • Matte Japanese glass beads
  • 14” stretchy cord
  • One size fits all
  • Ombre coloured beads
  • Wear as a bracelet or anklet
  • Designed by entrepreneur Aimee Song
  • Helps women in developing communities achieve financial empowerment
  • Handcrafted by artisans in developing communities

Me to We Rafiki Bracelets Support Women’s Financial Empowerment

Do you want to support women in developing countries on their journey to financial independence? Do you need a present for someone or just a gift for yourself? The Aimee Song Embrace the Journey Rafiki Bracelet from Me to We makes a wonderful accessory that supports women’s financial journeys.

Rafiki bracelets for charity

Each time you purchase handcrafted jewelry from Me to We you help someone in a developing country. This particular journey bracelet helps support women learn ways they can achieve financial independence.

Aimee Song helped design these bracelets. She is the entrepreneur, fashion icon, and New York Times bestselling author who founded the fashion blog Song of Style. Aimee is well versed in entrepreneurship and, after a visit to Kenya with Me to We and Pacsun, was inspired by the female artisans trying to build themselves a better future.

This made her decide she needed to play a role in supporting them on their journeys. Each purchase of these Rafiki bracelets helps provide programs for these women to learn, such as financial literacy training and business workshops.

Encourage women’s financial independence

The Rafiki Bracelet is made from matte Japanese glass beads strung on a stretchy cord. It should fit all sizes and can be worn as either a bracelet or an anklet.

The ombre colours ranging from blue to red represent the friends and moments that make up each individual journey. It’s important to have a strong support system to achieve your goals. With these Me to We Rafiki bracelets, you can be part of that support system for women in developing communities.

Wearing this bracelet can remind you of all the obstacles you have overcome and all the connections you’ve made on the way. It can also pose as a reminder of the hard work the women they support for working towards financial independence.

Handcrafted bracelets with a cause

The local Kenyan Artisans who create and assemble these bracelets are ensured sustainable income through this me to we movement.

When you purchase this education Rafiki bracelet, you can help secure sustainable jobs for some of the same women you help support on their journey to financial empowerment. Having sustainable jobs helps them support their families themselves.

A bracelet designed to help others

Me to We is a certified B Corp organization that empowers people to shift from thinking me to acting we. They believe that people can do good with their everyday choices and are committed to making a positive impact in the world. The Me to We Embrace the Journey Rafiki Bracelet designed by Aimee Song helps support women on their journey to financial independence.