Little Blue House by Hatley

Little Blue House by Hatley Adult Union Suit - Cream Plaid

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Little Blue House by Hatley Adult Union Suit - Cream Plaid

This union suit is created from soft, comfy cotton and boasts a cheeky bum flap to give it whimsy and fun that is absolutely second to none! It is the perfect uniform for movie marathons, weekends on the couch, and playful days at home!

Product Features

  • Screen print design on a functional button bum flap
  • Contrast cuffs and neckline
  • The placket is buttoned
  • For enhanced convenience, the brand label is devoid of tags.
  • Look for union clothes that match for the entire family.
  • Women should order a size down because this is a unisex product.

How do Hatley pajamas improve sleep quality and health?

Barring your body against cold. They cover your legs and protect you completely during the night.
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Why Choose Hatley Pajamas

Alice and John Oldland came from Toronto, Canada, to the lakeside community of North Hatley, Quebec, in the 1980s, where they built the Little Blue House gift shop (la Petite maison bleue). The surrounding countryside inspired Alice, a painter, to create a series of aprons featuring her funny farm animals.

The aprons were a hit, and it did not take long for other retailers to want to stock them. As a result, the Little Blue House gift line was formed. Alice and John swiftly expanded their cottage business, supplying stores with the world's best cow and pig aprons! Cows and pigs soon gave birth to moose and bears, while aprons gave way to clothing and a variety of other gifts.
When John and Alice decided to retire in the late 1990s, they passed the reigns to their three sons, Chris, Nick, and Jeremy. The brothers decided to focus even more on themes found in the wilds of Canada, so they introduced comfortable sleepwear for women and expanded the gift line even more. Soon after, the siblings experienced their first taste of fatherhood.

This new chapter in their lives prompted the creation of the Hatley brand, a premium children's clothing line. The company established a variety of colourfully printed clothes, sleepwear, and trendsetting rainwear under the Hatley brand, fueled by a growing library of original images. While Hatley's headquarters are now in Montreal, the company's heart and soul remain in North Hatley. The village's history, beautiful lake, and simple way of life continue to influence the company's designs.

Indeed, North Hatley has served as the backdrop for numerous campaign picture sessions and will continue to do so in the future.
And so, what started as a small gift shop in cottage country, has today become an international gift and apparel business loved the world over. Hatley and Little Blue House designs are now sold in 38 countries around the world.

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