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Land Art Chloralfa Natural Breath Freshener Frosty Mint 20mL

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Land Art Chloralfa Natural Breath Freshener Frosty Mint 20mL

Chlorophyll breath-freshening mist with essential oil of peppermint. ChlOralfa ensures you fresh breath and a naturally clean mouth. The powerful deodorant properties of chlorophyll are combined with the powers of peppermint essential oil to create an effective and natural product.


  • Giving a fresh breath.
  • The deodorizing properties of chlorophyll.
  • The essential oil of peppermint is a tonic that provides a sensation of freshness.

How to Use:

1 to 2 mists in the mouth as needed.


  • Do not spray it on the eyes.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Store at room temperature, between 15 and 25 degrees.
  • Keep away from flames.


Water, alcohol, glycerin, Xylitol, chlorophyll, menthol, essential oil of peppermint, stevia.

*Does not contain dairy products, gluten, yeast, or corn.


Q: How often can I use the Chloralfa Natural Breath Freshener?

A: For optimal results, use the breath freshener as needed throughout the day. Its alcohol-free and natural formula makes it suitable for frequent use.

Q: Is the Frosty Mint variant suitable for sensitive teeth?

A: Absolutely. The Frosty Mint variant is designed to provide a refreshing experience without causing sensitivity. Enjoy the minty freshness without worry.

Q: Can I use this breath freshener along with other oral care products?

A: Certainly. This breath freshener is versatile and can be used alongside your regular oral care routine. Incorporate it as needed for an extra boost of freshness.

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