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Knute Kids Panda Shape Silicone Teether

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Knute Kids Panda Shape Silicone Teether

Toddlers love to chew on teething toys, and now there's a great new option for them: the Knute Kids Panda Shape silicone teether. It is soft, squishy, and brightly colored, making it perfect for little ones who are starting to get their first teeth! It is a fun and colorful silicone teething toy that will keep your little one entertained while they chew on it. It's made out of soft and durable silicone, making it safe to play with even if your baby bites down too hard.

The baby silicone teether is the perfect toy to soothe your little one’s gums. Your child will love this teether because of its panda colors and interesting textures. They will be able to hold onto this toy easily with its easy-to-grip handle, which makes them feel more confident as they explore the world around them. This product also helps develop fine motor skills by encouraging children to grasp objects between their thumb and forefinger.

Knute Kids Panda Shape Silicone Teether Feature

  • Help your baby’s chewing ability
  • Double-sided ump molar
  • Can be boiled at 1000 C without any deformation
  • Eco-friendly, Waterproof, Washable, and Reusable Silicone Material
  • Made from 100% food-grade silicone, our products are free from harmful chemicals!
  • Silicone's soft texture feels good on sore, teething gums, and our designs provide visual and tactile stimulations for babies.
  • A high-standard designed for helping babies get through the tough teething times.

Design and Benefits of Silicone Teether

It's also the perfect size for small hands to grasp and hold onto, which makes it a great choice for busy moms who want to keep their children occupied while they're taking a break. its easy-grip shape makes it easy for kids to hold onto, so they can keep chewing on it until their teeth are all ground down! The teethers are textured on both sides to provide maximum relief for your little one's sore, teething gums.

The cutest teether for your baby to use during the teething period. The little Panda Baby is a good friend when teeth break out. The teether is made of latex-free natural rubber which is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals like Phthalate, PVC, silicone, and BPA. It is safe for the baby to chew on. The teether is cast in one piece without holes which prevents filth and mold from acquiring inside.

Knute Kids Panda Shape Silicone Teether specifications

  • Food Grade Silicone
  • Black, white, brown, and pink colors
  • weight 31g
  • size: 7cm*8cm*1.2cm

Buy Knute Kids Silicone Teether

Do you want to give your little one the best teething experience possible? If so, then you need to buy Knute Kids Panda Shape Silicone Teether. This product is made from silicone and is therefore safe for your child to chew on. It is also large enough to provide relief for your child's sore gums.