HUSH Soft Sherpa Throw 8lb - Blue & White

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HUSH Soft Sherpa Throw 8lb

Do you want to enjoy some of the benefits of a Hush without all the extra weight of a standard Hush blanket? Then this throw is the perfect fit for you!

Hush took the essentials from their other best-selling blankets and made this the perfect weight and size for cuddling on the couch, recliner, or bed.

This 8lb weighted throw is perfect for when it’s time to relax, take a nap, or enjoy a family movie night while still being light enough to move around easily.


  • This one size fits all throw blanket weighs in at 8lbs and sports a comforting 42”x72” spread so you can enjoy it by yourself or with someone you love
  • The blanket cover is dual-sided for ultimate comfort:
    • The dark side is made from the highest grade of satin microfiber that won’t stick to your skin.
    • The white side is our soft fleece made to mimic sheep's wool from the Sherpa people of the mountainous regions of Nepal.
  • The inner weighted blanket is made from our famous ultra-soft polyester and can be used on its own for a cooler touch.
  • We fill the smallest pocket sizes available to prevent bunching/sagging with non-toxic glass sand.
  • Unzip and remove the cover to throw in the wash for easy cleaning.

The HUSH Soft Sherpa Throw is the perfect way to keep warm and cozy on a cold winter night. This plush blanket is made with soft sherpa fabric that will keep you comfortable and warm. The one size fits all design makes it easy to share with friends and family, and the 8lb weight ensures that you won't get too hot under the blanket.

The luxurious fabric is dual-sided for maximum comfort, and it's machine-washable for easy care. Whether you're watching TV on the couch or snuggling in bed, this blanket will keep you comfortable all winter long.

The HUSH Soft Sherpa Throw is the perfect addition to any living space. The inner weighted blanket is made from our famous ultra-soft polyester and can be used on its own for a cooler touch, or combined with the sherpa throw for an extra layer of warmth and comfort. The sherpa throw features a luxurious design with a plush, soft texture that will keep you cozy all winter long.

Made with non-toxic glass sand, it won't bunch or sag, making it a great choice for travel. The soft sherpa fabric is also cozy and comfortable, making it the perfect addition to any bed or sofa. cozy. And the zippered cover makes it easy to clean.

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