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Frida Mom Postpartum Catch-All Pads 18 Count

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Frida Mom Postpartum Catch-All Pads 18 Count 

Those first few weeks after giving birth can be messy. Postpartum discharge is no joke, and the last thing you need is to worry about leaks. Enter the Frida Mom Postpartum Catch-All Pads, your superhero maxi pads designed to handle everything that comes your way - blood clots, bladder leaks, you name it. These ultra-absorbent pads with leakproof sides offer maximum protection and comfort during those crucial first 1-2 weeks postpartum, whether you delivered vaginally or via C-section.

Frida Mom Postpartum Catch-All Pads Features:

  • Worry-Free Confidence: Focus on bonding with your newborn, not leaks! The innovative sidewalls and waterproof bottom layer provide a safety net to prevent leaks and stains, giving you peace of mind throughout the day.
  • Maximum Absorbency: Don't let heavy flow slow you down. These pads feature 6 absorbent layers to trap and lock away fluids, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Cloud-Like Softness: Say goodbye to scratchy pads! The cashmere-soft top layer pampers your delicate postpartum skin, providing gentle cushioning and comfort.
  • Full Coverage, Front to Back: These pads are designed to provide complete coverage, from your vagina to your tush, ensuring you feel protected and secure no matter what the day throws your way.
  • No Harsh Irritants: The Frida Mom philosophy extends to their pads! These are made with no fragrance, chlorine, or dyes, making them gentle on even the most sensitive skin.


Q: How long will these Frida Mom Postpartum Catch-All Pads last me?

A: This 18-count pack of Frida Mom Postpartum Catch-All Pads is designed to provide a convenient supply during the early postpartum period, typically the first 1-2 weeks after delivery. The actual duration will depend on your flow.

Q: Do I need to wear these pads all the time postpartum?

A: No, you likely won't need to wear these pads all the time postpartum. As your flow lessens, you can transition to lighter pads or liners. It's always best to consult your doctor for personalized guidance on postpartum hygiene practices.

Q: My skin is sensitive. Will these pads irritate me?

A: Frida Mom Postpartum Catch-All Pads are made without fragrance, chlorine, or dyes, making them ideal for sensitive skin. However, everyone's skin reacts differently. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use and consult with your doctor.

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