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Flow Water 500mL

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Flow Water

Water with benefits well beyond water.*

Flow is 100% naturally alkaline spring water.*

The world’s first premium spring water in an eco-friendly box – no more plastic bottles!*

Flow’s healthful minerals come naturally packed with electrolytes for athletic recovery and an alkaline pH to keep acid levels in check – no industrial processes.*

Our source naturally filters our water through layers of limestone which provides its essential minerals and electrolytes. We then mindfully package it, so you can enjoy hydration in its purest (and most delicious) form.*

Flow’s water analysis make its end-product the highest quality drinking water, as approved by the Canadian Bottled Water Association.*


  • Our source remains virtually untouched by man or machine. In fact, we will never build any infrastructure near this source. It’s just one more way in which we show our respect for its sustainable gift of naturally nourishing, mineral-rich water.*
  • Flow comes in a paper box made from 70% renewable materials. It can be renewed, recycled and then reused. Unlike plastic, that just sits around for a lifetime.*

Pure Properties

Mother Nature does her thing, droplet which is filtered naturally. Our water travels through subsurfaces as it migrates to a limestone aquifer where it’s kept. Impurities exit along the way and nutritious minerals move in, making for great tasting and healthful water.*

Positive Renewal

Self-sustaining, self-replenishing by rain, our source will always be protected and never drained. Water from deep within the spring is minimally treated for bacteria. No additives. No disruption. 100% highest and kindest quality possible.*


In the Clean Water Act we trust. It specifies activities we can do to protect the source as determined by studies found by hydrologists. They assess impacts to the natural ecosystem, who uses the groundwater and surface water now, and the integrity of the source itself. We follow their guidance and commit to keep the source as untouched and pure as we can by hiring experts, seeking studies, and monitoring and safeguarding the environment that surrounds.*