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Fitglow Beauty Vegan Teddy Double Illuminate + Shape Brush

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Double Sided Defining and Blending Makeup Brush

Are you tired of blotchy makeup that doesn’t give you the right pop? The Fitglow Beauty Vegan Teddy Double Illuminate + Shape Brush is adaptable to your needs so you can get the luminous glow you’ve always wanted.

Double brushes for makeup

This makeup brush is double sided to fit all your makeup needs.

One side has larger, fluffier bristles for bluffing and blending. The bristles help gather your cream or powder products so they can be applied in a few easy strokes. It gives you effective coverage while providing a soft brush to smooth and blend for the perfect look.

The second side is a smaller, tapered brush. It allows for more precise application of your products. Say goodbye to a smudged, darkened nose from applying your contour with a fat brush. Using this side, you can sculpt your look how you want, whether applying contour or highlighter.

You can use the tapered end to define and highlight in precise lines, then flip the brush around for a smooth blend. Both ends have vegan bristles, so you know your makeup look doesn’t come at the expense of animals.

The perfect blending brush

The end with the domed brush is perfect for blending. It’s longer, fluffy bristles let it smooth and blend your cream products effortlessly.

This end is very versatile can even be used to apply your foundation, cream or powder, and then blend with your other products—like blush, highlighter and contour.

You won’t ever have to leave the house with blotchy makeup again.

Precision contour brush

You can’t blend if the products aren’t applied. This end of the brush is specially designed to aid the application of contour and highlighter.

It’s fluffy, but tapered so you can apply your products with accuracy. This helps eliminate blotches of contour on your face.

This contouring brush lets you define and illuminate your look with sharper lines that can then be smoothed out with the other end of the tool.

Travel makeup bag essential

Since this double-sided makeup brush is perfect for taking with you anywhere, be that on vacation or just out on the town.

This makeup brush has everything you need to apply your makeup. You can say goodbye to an overflowing bag full of brushes interspersed with actual makeup products. All you need to apply your makeup is in this tool.

A makeup brush designed for you

Fitglow Beauty is a global company committed to providing natural skincare and makeup products that promote healthy skin without harming animals or the environment. This Vegan Teddy Double Illuminate + Shape Brush blends and defines for easy makeup application that enhances your look.

Fitglow Makeup Brush Features

  • Achieve a luminous glow
  • Blends, defines and highlights
  • 2-in-1 brush
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan bristles

Side 1: use the domed buffing brush when applying cream products to build and blend.

Side 2: use the precision brush when wanting to define and highlight.