Finish Gel Lemon Dishwasher Detergent 1.6L

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Finish Gel Lemon Dishwasher Detergent 1.6L

Elevate your dishwashing routine with Finish Gel Lemon Dishwasher Detergent, a powerful formula designed to deliver sparkling clean dishes with every wash. Say goodbye to stubborn stains, grease, and food residue as this detergent tackles even the toughest messes, leaving your dishes gleaming and residue-free. Infused with the refreshing scent of lemon, it cleans and leaves your dishwasher smelling fresh after each cycle. With its convenient 1.6L bottle, you can enjoy spotless results wash after wash, making dishwashing a breeze.

Finish Gel Lemon Dishwasher Detergent Features:

  • Powerful Cleaning Action: The advanced formula effectively removes tough stains and grease, ensuring spotless cleanliness on all your dishes.
  • Lemon Scent: Infused with the refreshing fragrance of lemon, it leaves your dishes smelling fresh and your dishwasher smelling clean.
  • Easy to Use: Pour the gel detergent into the dishwasher's dispenser cup and let it do the work.
  • Protects Glassware: Gentle on delicate glassware helps prevent clouding and etching, keeping your glasses looking new.
  • No Residue: Leaves behind no residue or water spots, ensuring your dishes come out dry and streak-free.


  1. Pour 40 ml gel for pre- and 58 ml gel for main wash (In total 98 ml)directly into the dispenser of the dishwasher (use more for heavily soiled loads).

  2. Turn your dishwasher on at the optimal water temperature of 60°C/140° F.

  3. The product is not suitable for hand dishwash or manual surface cleaning.


Water, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Potassium Hydroxide, Acrylic Acid Homopolymer, Sodium Hypochlorite, Phosphonobutanetricarboxylic Acid, Zinc Sulfate Hexahydrate, Fragrance/Parfum, C.I. Pigment Blue 29, 2-tert-Butycyclohexyl acetate, Dipropylene Glycol, Tetrahydrolinalool, Tetrahydromyrcenol, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Sulfate


Q: Is Finish Gel Lemon Dishwasher Detergent suitable for all dishwasher types? 

A: Finish Gel Lemon detergent is compatible with all types of dishwashers, including standard and high-efficiency models. It is formulated to provide excellent cleaning results in all dishwasher brands.

Q: How much detergent should I use per wash cycle? 

A: For best results, fill the dishwasher's detergent dispenser cup according to the manufacturer's instructions. One tablespoon of gel detergent is typically sufficient for a standard wash cycle.

Q: Is this detergent safe for septic systems? 

A: Finish gel detergent is safe for use in households with septic systems. It is biodegradable and formulated to break down effectively, minimizing environmental impact.

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