Febreze Small Spaces Gain Original Scent 7.5mL

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Febreze Small Spaces Gain Original Scent 7.5mL

Embrace your inner Gainiac by placing a Gain Original Small Spaces air freshener in the tinier nooks of your abode to combat odors. Its rich amber and floral fragrance will transform even your bathrooms into wonderfully scented spaces.


  • Revitalize small areas like bathrooms, closets, or laundry rooms with this specialized air freshener, designed specifically for compact spaces. Simply press a button to release a delightful scent for up to 45 days.
  • Tailored for small environments such as bathrooms, laundry areas, dorms, beneath sinks, in shoe closets, and more.
  • This automatic air freshener dispenses its inviting fragrance for up to 45 days with just the press of a button, no batteries or electrical outlets needed.
  • Its sleek design seamlessly integrates with your home décor.
  • The Gain fragrance offers a refreshing and invigorating scent experience.


  1. Take the device out of its packaging.
  2. Firmly press the light blue button on the back using both thumbs.
  3. The scent will start to release gradually.
  4. If you don’t notice the scent after 1 minute, press the light blue button again.


  • Odor Blockers, Odor Fighters, Fragrance.


Q: How do I get the Febreze Small Spaces air freshener working?

A: Simply open the package, activate the scent cartridge by pulling down the bottom tab, and place it in your chosen spot.

Q: Is this product safe around pets and children?

A: Yes, Febreze Small Spaces air freshener is safe for use in homes with pets and children when followed as per the instructions.

Q: Can I control how much fragrance is released?

A: This product does not feature adjustable fragrance levels, but its design ensures a consistently pleasant and appropriate scent for small spaces.

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