Febreze Plug Linen & Sky 26mL

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Febreze Plug Linen & Sky 26mL.

Transform your home with the breezy, just-laundered fragrance of Febreze PLUG with Fade Defy Technology in Linen & Sky. It's so light and airy, your guests might just think they're in a cloud—a wonderfully fresh, odour-fighting cloud.


  • Experience long-lasting freshness with a first-day scent that endures for 50 days on the low setting, thanks to advanced, digitally controlled scent release.
  • Enjoy the timeless, crisp scent of Linen & Sky.
  • Equipped with a low-level indicator light to signal when a refill is needed.
  • Provides continuous, automatic odour elimination and a consistent, pleasant fragrance.


  • Start by obtaining a Febreze PLUG with Fade Defy Technology electric oil warmer and a Linen & Sky scent refill. Remove the caps from the refill and insert it into the warmer until they click. Plug the warmer into any outlet, set your desired scent intensity, and relish in the enduring freshness for up to 50 days. * The digitally controlled scent release ensures a consistent fragrance experience from the first to the fifty-first day.


  • Odor Blockers, Odor Fighters, and Fragrance.


Q: How do I set up Febreze Plug Linen & Sky?

A: Insert the fragrance refill into the Febreze Plug device and plug it into a standard electrical outlet.

Q: Can I adjust the level of fragrance?

A: Absolutely, the Febreze Plug Linen & Sky allows you to customize the intensity of the scent to suit your preference.

Q: Is this product pet-friendly?

A: When used according to the instructions, Febreze Plug Linen & Sky is safe for homes with pets. Nevertheless, like all household items, it should be kept away from children and animals.

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