Febreze Car Linen & Sky 4mL

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Febreze Car Linen & Sky 4mL

Experience the fresh, clothesline scent of Linen & Sky with the CAR Vent Clip from Febreze. This air freshener brings the essence of the great outdoors right into your car, making your passengers feel as though they’re cruising through a cloud of odor-neutralizing freshness.


  • To activate the fragrance, firmly press the clip until you hear a click.
  • Attach it to your car vent to start enjoying the freshness on your journeys.


  • Odor neutralizers, Stink blockers, Fragrance.


Q: How long does the Febreze Car Linen & Sky scent last?

A: Each Febreze Car Linen & Sky air freshener is designed to last up to 30 days, with the duration varying based on the chosen scent intensity setting.

Q: Will this air freshener fit in any type of car?

A: Yes, the Febreze Car Linen & Sky is designed with a universal clip that easily attaches to the air vents of any car model.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the strength of the Linen & Sky fragrance?

A: Definitely! The product features an adjustable control for the scent intensity, allowing you to customize the fragrance strength to your liking, ensuring it's enjoyable and not overwhelming.

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