Febreze Air Ocean 250g

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Febreze Air Ocean 250g

Transform your home into an oasis of edgy freshness with Febreze Air Effects Ocean. This unique blend of hinoki, waterlily, and ginger notes ensures your space stands out. Prepare to experience Febreze in a way that might just change your perceptions of scent and freshness.


  • Experience the unmistakable cool vibe of the Ocean scent, a fusion of waterlily, ginger, and hinoki.
  • Elevate your notion of air fresheners with a luxurious Febreze home fragrance that's unlike anything you've encountered before.
  • More than just an odor eliminator, it offers a scent surprise that redefines your expectation of Febreze.
  • Versatile enough to enhance the ambiance of your kitchen, bathroom, study, and more, anytime.
  • Crafted with safety and quality in mind, utilizing a 100% natural propellant.


Keep the can upright and pull back the trigger. Sweep the spray in a broad motion across the room to infuse the air with freshness.


Nitrogen, Water, Cyclodextrin, Alcohol, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Dialkyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Benzisothiazolinone, Fragrance.


Q: How long does the Febreze Air Ocean scent last?

A: The duration of the Ocean scent varies based on usage and the environment, but it typically maintains its fragrance for several hours post-application.

Q: Is Febreze Air Ocean safe for use around pets?

A: Yes, Febreze Air Ocean is safe for use in homes with pets when used according to directions. Nevertheless, it's recommended to keep the product out of pets' reach.

Q: Can this be used on fabrics?

A: Febreze Air Ocean is primarily intended for freshening the air. For fabric use, opt for Febreze fabric refreshers, which are specially formulated for textiles.

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