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Farm Girl Honey O's Cereal 280g

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Farm Girl Honey O's Cereal 280g

Craving the nostalgic taste of honey-dipped cereal but looking for a healthier option? Look no further than Farm Girl Honey O's Cereal! These crunchy O's deliver a delightful nutty sweetness that will remind you of childhood mornings but is packed with a powerful punch of hidden nutrients.

Honey O's Cereal Features:

  • Zero Sugar: Perfect for those watching their sugar intake or following a keto diet.
  • High Protein & Fiber: This keeps you feeling full and energized throughout the morning.
  • Delicious Nutty Sweetness: A satisfying flavour that curbs your sweet tooth without guilt.
  • Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free: Enjoyed by everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions.
  • No Preservatives: A clean and healthy breakfast option you can feel good about.


Oat protein, Oat fibre, Prebiotic Fibre, Faba protein, Potato Protein, Tapioca starch, Natural Flavor, Isomaltose, Monk Fruit Juice Extract, Sea Salt, Virgin Avocado Oil, Calcium Carbonate

May Contain: Tree Nuts, Banana and Sesame.


Q: What kind of sweetener is used in Farm Girl Honey O's Cereal?

A: Since the cereal is sugar-free, it likely uses natural or artificial sugar substitutes. To be specific, you can check the ingredients list for terms like stevia, monk fruit extract, erythritol, or allulose.

Q: How much protein is in a serving of Farm Girl Honey O's Cereal?

A: The provided information mentions it's high in protein, but the exact amount per serving can be helpful for those tracking their macros.

Q: Does the milk used with Farm Girl Honey O's Cereal affect its sugar content?

A: While the cereal itself is sugar-free, the type of milk you add will impact the overall sugar content. Unsweetened nut milk or dairy milk would maintain the sugar-free aspect, while sweetened milk varieties would add sugar.

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