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Giddy YoYo Ground Vanilla Bean

The beans need up to ten months to mature, are then hand-picked and require an additional six months to cure.* Our Ground Vanilla Bean Powder is cultivated in Papua New Guinea and our source works directly with family and sustainable growers.* Although it is not ‘certified organic’ due to the prohibitive cost of certification for the farmers, no pesticides or chemicals are used in the cultivating of the orchids and curing of the beans.* When stored properly Ground GY Vanilla Bean Powder stays fresher longer than whole beans.*

Pure Ground Vanilla is not the same as Vanilla Powder, which is a combination of sugar or dextrose and ground vanilla or vanilla extract.* Pure Ground Vanilla is a very fragrant product that can be used for color, texture, and flavour.* Ground GY Vanilla Bean Powder is very easy to use.* You need just a small amount to add excellent vanilla flavour.*

What is “real vanilla,” and why is it so expensive?* The answer lies in the vanilla bean itself.* The quality and attributes of vanilla owe themselves to a multitude of factors.* From growing location, to curing procedures, to vanillin content, each cured vanilla bean (or “pod”) is graded on a long list of indicators that help separate quality vanilla products from inferior ones.* From beginning to end, science and art must work in unison to create quality vanilla beans.* By the end of the process, beans have vanillin contents of anywhere from 1.4%- 2.8%--with the higher-quality beans averaging 2% and above.*

Synthetic vanillin, usually referred to as “artificial vanilla,” often packs a lot of vanilla flavouring for a much smaller price.* Usually, artificial vanilla is derived from by-products of the paper or petro-chemical industries.* It is generally three times as strong as vanilla extract, and is chemically processed from guaiacol, a coaltar derivative.* Later, artificial caramel coloring and sometimes sweeteners are added.*

Natural vanillin contains over 290 compounds that add to its flavour, with natural vanillin being just one of them.* Synthetic vanilla is really just vanillin, and nothing else.* So, if you buy artificial vanilla, you’ll miss out on the many wonderful undertones of fragrance and flavour that make vanilla such a complex and desirable flavouring.*


  • Most of the real vanilla is hand- pollinated, only the Central American Melipona bee can naturally pollinate vanilla, hence the reason why it is so expensive.* It is the second most expensive spice after Saffron.* It takes 5 kg of fresh vanilla pods to make 1 kg of GY raw Ground Vanilla and is the world’s second most labor-intensive agricultural crop.*
  • Spiders don’t like vanilla and you can use whole vanilla beans to drive them away.*
  • In some cultures vanilla was a sacred medicinal herb used to heal and soothe.* The aroma of vanilla is also known to exhilarate the brain, increase energy and act as an aphrodisiac.*
  • The ‘perfect’ amount of vanilla adds flavour but too much may imbue a bitter, unpleasant taste.*
  • Most artificial vanilla products contain vanillin, which can be produced synthetically from lignin, a natural chemical compound found in wood.* Synthetic vanillin is a byproduct of the pulp used in paper making.*


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Uncertified organically cultivated whole ground Vanilla Beans (Vanilla Tahitensis).

Suggested Use:

Add to smoothies, oatmeal, raw creations, baked goods, essential oil blends and home-made body care concoctions. 1/4 tsp. Vanillla Bean Powder = 1 tsp. vanilla extract.