Drysol Dab-On Mild 6.25% ACH Antiperspirant 35mL

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Drysol Dab-On Mild 6.25% ACH Antiperspirant 35mL

Welcome to the ultimate solution for excessive sweating - Drysol Dab-On Mild 6.25% ACH Antiperspirant. Say goodbye to embarrassing sweat stains and hello to confidence with this powerful formula designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.


  • Clinically Proven Formula
  • Long-Lasting Protection
  • Dab-On Applicator
  • Compact Size
  • Mild Formula


      6.25% Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate in Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol


      Apply Drysol sparingly, once a day, only at bedtime while your sweat glands are less active. Once excessive sweating is reduced (usually after three days), reduce application to once or twice a week. Apply to dry skin only. Wait at least two hours after bathing or showering to apply Drysol.  Do not apply to broken, irritated, or recently shaved skin.


      Q: How does Drysol Dab-On Mild 6.25% ACH Antiperspirant work?

      A: Drysol works by blocking the sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat that is produced. The active ingredient, Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate, creates a temporary blockage in the sweat ducts, preventing sweat from reaching the skin's surface.

      Q: Is Drysol Dab-On Mild suitable for sensitive skin?

      A: Yes, the mild formula is specially designed for sensitive skin types. It is gentle yet effective, providing sweat control without causing irritation.

      Q: How often should I apply Drysol Dab-On Mild?

      A: For best results, apply Drysol Dab-On Mild before bedtime to clean, dry skin. Use it every night until you achieve the desired level of dryness, then reduce application frequency to once or twice a week as needed.

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