Droplet Pen Needles Micron 32G 6mm - Box of 100

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Droplet Pen Needles Micron 32G 6mm - Box of 100

When managing diabetes, achieving precision and ensuring ease of use are essential factors. Droplet Pen Needles Micron 32G 6mm - Box of 100, meticulously crafted to elevate your insulin injection process. Engineered with utmost precision and a commitment to quality, these pen needles guarantee unmatched comfort and unwavering reliability.

Pen Needles Micron 32G 6mm Features:

  • The Droplet Pen Needles boast a 32G ultra-fine gauge.
  • Each pen needle measures 6mm in length.
  • Each box contains 100 pen needles.
  • The pen needles are coated with silicone for smooth insertion and reduced friction.
  • Compatible with most insulin pens

Insulin Pen Needles fits:

  • Lantus® SoloSTAR® pens
  • OptiClik® for Lantus® and Apidra®
  • All Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk insulin pens, including Victoza®
  • Pen for Byetta® exenatide injection.


Q: Do Droplet Pen Needles work with my insulin pen?

A: Yes, Droplet Pen Needles are designed to work seamlessly with most standard insulin pens available in the market. However, we recommend verifying compatibility with your specific insulin pen model for optimal performance

Q: What is the proper way to safely dispose of used Droplet Pen Needles?

A: It is suggested to utilizing a puncture-resistant sharps container for the safe disposal of used needles. It's crucial to adhere to proper disposal protocols for used pen needles to prevent accidental needle pricks and contamination. Please consult local regulations regarding the proper disposal of medical waste.

Q: Are Droplet Pen Needles suitable for pediatric patients' use?

A: Absolutely, Droplet Pen Needles are suitable for individuals of all ages, including pediatric patients. Nevertheless, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional to determine the appropriate needle length and gauge for pediatric use, as it may vary depending on individual circumstances.

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