Dirty Diets Book By Brad King 1 book

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Dirty Diets Book By Brad King

Dirty Diets takes you inside the world of processed foods and the diet industry to expose the secrets they do not want you to know. This book will help you finally understand in spite of the low-fat, lite-food lies how we got fat to begin with and why we can’t seem to lose the weight no matter how hard we try. Dirty Diets shows you exactly what you need to do to finally lose your excess body fat so you’ll look, feel, and perform the way you’ve always dreamed.*


You’ll learn*:

    • How and why the diet industry continually deceives us
    • How “diet” and “lite” foods encourage your body to store fat
    • How your self-image is killing your chances of becoming lean
    • How environmental factors make and keep you fat
    • How you can stimulate fat-releasing hormones 24/7
    • How to stop insatiable cravings once and for all
    • How the wrong type of exercise can make you fat
    • How sleep can boost your metabolism
    • How you can eat delicious, healthy food at home or at restaurants and not derail your progress
    • And much more..


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