Danica Jubilee

Danica Jubilee Let's Do Lunch Bag Lumbearjack

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Danica Jubilee Let's Do Lunch Bag Lumbearjack 

A plaid-clad, furry forest friend brings comforting bear hugs to lunch with this insulated lunch bag. This reusable lunch bag is made of cotton canvas and features internal mesh pockets and an aluminized paper lining to keep food insulated and organized. Easy-care, durable, and oh-so-charming.


  • This charming and insulated lunch bag is the perfect waste-free replacement for disposable plastic bags. Reusable and food-safe, it keeps meals organized and cool.
  • Get all wrapped up in the bear hug of this plaid-wearing furry forest friend who’s toasting up some campfire snacks.
  • 100% Cotton Lining: 100% Aluminized Paper
  • Size: 8.5" Length x 8.5" Width x 6" Height
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean interior spot clean exterior