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Core Products Knee Elevator

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Core Products Knee Elevator

Are you used to spending prolonged periods of time on your feet? If the answer is yes, you may also find yourself dealing with back and leg pain long after you are done with your work quite frequently. Due to the positive effects of improved blood circulation on swelling, the Core Products Knee Elevator helps significantly with a hurting back or aching legs. If you also suffer from chronic pain in these areas, you should consider getting this knee elevator right away!

By boosting blood circulation, easing pressure on your aching joints, reducing swelling, and most importantly, helping with leg and back pain, this product contributes majorly to providing you with a good night's rest. Hurting back and swollen legs can keep you up all night. Therefore, it is important to manage relevant symptoms at an earlier stage so that you can stay asleep longer and remain healthy.

Knee Wedge Pillow

If you believe that your valves and blood vessels are compromised, gravity can cause it to pool in your lower body, contributing majorly to reduced circulation. When you elevate your knees, this process is reversed and blood is encouraged to flow back towards your body's core. Moreover, it makes a huge difference in your overall blood circulation. If you are looking for a pillow that can help you elevate your knees, improve overall blood flow in your body, and eventually better your health, give the Core Products Knee Elevator a try today!

Knee Elevator Wedge Features

  • The Core Product's Knee Elevator helps reduce back and knee pain along with helping with circulatory problems
  • It helps improve overall circulation and reduce stress on the lower back
  • This cut foam pillow is recommended by professional healthcare providers
  • It comes in cotton/poly grey deluxe fabric


  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 7 inches