Carex Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles

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Carex Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles

Do you need a helping hand sitting on and getting off the toilet seat? The Carex Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles can lend you a few. Not only does it add height to the commode, but it also features two handles that the user can grab on to for extra support.

With age comes deteriorating health and strength. Aching knees, muscles, and joints often force the elderly to seek help taking care of daily chores and basic bathroom needs. The toilet seat elevator with handles by Carex can help you live an independent life and maintain your dignity while catering to your toilet needs.

It comes with a detailed guide on how to install the seat. The installation process is very straightforward. You remove the existing toilet seat, position the elevated seat over the toilet base, Use the long screws provided in the box, to put everything in place.

Durable Carex Toilet Seat Riser with Handles

The bolts ensure that the seat and the handles remain stable as the user puts their weight on them. It removes the risk of slipping completely, enhancing bathroom safety for those with mobility issues. The handles are padded for additional comfort and support. They also include a slip-free grip reducing the risk of accidents.

The elevated seat adds an extra 3.5” of height to the commode, making it easier to sit down and get up from the toilet seat. The installation process is very straightforward, and the seat fits over most round toilets.

The Carex Toilet Seat Elevator with handles is lightweight yet incredibly durable. The handles are an additional feature that offers extra support to the user. The seat and handle set can bear up to 250lbs of weight. Its durability ensures prolonged use, making it a one-time investment.

Carex Raised Toilet Seat with Handles Features

  • Maximum weight capacity – 250lbs
  • Height – 3.5”
  • Handles with slip-free grip
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Product dimensions - 3.5" x 17.32" x 13.5"