Cablz Flyz Eyewear Retainer Strap

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Cablz Flyz Eyewear Retainer Strap

Please Note: Glasses are not included.

Tired of bulky retainer straps or constantly searching for misplaced glasses? Cablz Flyz offers a revolutionary solution for active individuals who prioritize security and comfort.

Cablz Flyz are non-adjustable and made from durable, Fly Fishing-like line.  Cablz Flyz are flexible, very lightweight and waterproof.  They are 22" long but can be shortened to your desired length. Cablz Flyz come with our universal ends to fit most frames and are available in several colour options to suit your taste. 

Cablz Flyz are great if you want to be able to take off your glasses to hang them around your neck.

Cablz Flyz Features:

These innovative Flyz are crafted from durable, fly fishing-like line, making them:

  • Lightweight & Flexible:  Enjoy a barely-there feel that moves with you, perfect for any activity.
  • Waterproof & Secure: You will never worry about losing your glasses in the rain, sweat, or even a splash.
  • Universal Fit & Customizable Length:  Cablz Flyz has universal ends that fit most frames, and the 22-inch line can be easily trimmed to your desired length for a personalized fit.
  • Freedom & Style: Cablz Flyz goes beyond just security. Unlike traditional retainers, they allow you to comfortably take off your glasses and hang them around your neck for quick and easy access. Plus, they come in various stylish colours to complement your look.

Unleash the freedom and convenience of Cablz Flyz. Order yours today!


Q: Is Cablz Flyz adjustable? 

A: No, Cablz Flyz comes in a 22-inch length but can be easily trimmed to your desired fit.

Q: Will they fit my glasses? 

A: Cablz Flyz features universal ends designed to fit most eyewear frames.

Q: Can I wear Cablz Flyz while swimming? 

A: While Cablz Flyz are water-resistant, they may not be suitable for intense water activities due to potential snagging. Consider Cablz Flotz for added floatation security in water.

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