Cablz Flotz Eyewear Retainer Strap

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Cablz Flotz Eyewear Retainer Strap

Please Note: Glasses are not included.

Worried about losing your glasses in the water? Cablz Flotz is here to put your mind at ease. These removable flotation devices attach to your existing Cablz eyewear retainers, providing an extra layer of security whenever you need it. With Cablz Flotz, your glasses are safe, even in the water.

Cablz Flotz Features:

Floatation on Demand:

With Cablz Flotz, you're in control. Unlike bulky permanent floats, these clever devices offer you the freedom to choose. Attach them for water activities, ensuring your glasses stay afloat if they slip off. And when you're back on land, simply detach them for comfortable, everyday wear. It's a convenience at your fingertips.

Compatibility & Additional Information:

  • Compatible with 12" & 14" Cablz Zipz, Cablz Silicone or Cablz Flyz.
  • Not recommended for 10" Cablz Zipz.
  • A special parcel shipping fee applies depending on the product size.
  • Contact Cablz for retailer locations near you.

Unleash worry-free fun in the water with Cablz Flotz. Order yours today!


Add Cablz Flotz to your Cablz so your glasses will float when you need them to; remove your Flotz for when you don’t need them to float.


Q: Do I need Cablz Flotz all the time?

A: No, Cablz Flotz is designed for on-demand use in water activities where losing your glasses is a concern.

Q: How easy are they to attach and detach? 

A: Cablz Flotz attaches securely to your existing Cablz retainers for easy on-and-off functionality.

Q: Will Cablz Flotz work with my 10" Cablz Zipz? 

A: Cablz Flotz is currently not recommended for 10" Cablz Zipz due to compatibility issues.

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