Brumate Togosa Midnight Meditation 49oz (Discontinued)

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Brumate Togosa

The Togosa was made for hosting and toasting, thanks to its innovative 2-in-1 design. Designed with both elegance and functionality in mind, this versatile bottle chiller and pitcher combo is a must-have addition for your entertainment arsenal. It comes with two lids: one for securely fastening your favourite wine or champagne bottles, while the other allows for a seamless transformation into a drink pitcher. Plus, it's powered by the BevGuard™ insulation to ensure that your drinks stay ice-cold until the very last sip.


Q1. Is this any good for a gift?

Yes! wether its for yourself to enjoy, or a gift to family and frieds, it makes for an excelent cooler for those who enjoy a good glass of something cold throughout the party.

Q2. How big of a bottle can fit inside?

Will fit just about any average wine bottle that, precisely if it's up to 49oz of a bottle.

Q3. What lock type do they have?

For leakproof security, it possesses a BevLock to ensure the cold of the ice stays in and nothing slips out. 

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